The Door County Scholarship Network scholarship search will allow you to find scholarships within the Network that match your background and educational plans, and will guide you to application information for the scholarships you select. You may also wish to consider using some of the resources listed under the "The Start of Your Search" heading in the Tips & Techniques section of this page.

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Search for Scholarships

There are only four simple steps:

  1. Complete a short form about your background and plans
  2. Review matching scholarships, and refine your initial entries if you want
  3. Add scholarships that interest you to your "basket"
  4. Within the basket, you will find applications, instructions, and an option to save your basket for later use

Note: Updates are Ongoing

As scholarship programs give us their information for the current school year, application criteria and deadlines will be updated. Please check back frequently for the latest information.

Other Options

1. View all scholarships

2. Find by Name